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Our Comprehensive Approach Manages Complexity So You Don’t Have to

We Create a Financial Plan

That Is Evidence-Based and Proactive to Your Unique Situation

At Perkins Wealth Advantage,

Our goal is to provide a jargon-free, easy-to-understand experience that places your finances at the forefront of our relationship. And, because you have unique goals and values, our plans and portfolios are developed with your personalized needs in mind.

Here’s What We Offer:

Multi-Year Tax Planning

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Multi-year strategic planning that aims to minimize taxes over the course of your lifetime.

Withdrawal Strategy

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Coordination of your account withdrawals including pensions, Social Security and deferred compensation. This plan outlines what is being withdrawn from your different accounts to meet spending needs.

Retirement Planning

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Develop a retirement savings strategy to show you how much you need to save and where to save it to give you the confidence you need to retire.

Estate Planning

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Ensure you have the right documents in place that reflect your wishes and intentions for the next generation. This requires proactive planning to avoid estate taxes.

Education Planning

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Support and plan for your children and grandchildren to go to the school of their dreams.


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Evidence-based investment advice tailored to your goals, risk tolerance and time horizon.