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Why I Launched My Own Planning Firm Thumbnail

Why I Launched My Own Planning Firm

Welcome to Perkins Wealth Advantage!  This website launch has been a fun and exciting process, and I’m happy to share the final product with you.

It’s only fitting that my first blog post be on why I launched my own financial planning focused firm.  To me, financial planning is more life planning than anything else.  It took me a while to learn this but it’s 100% the truth. If you are not happy or healthy enough to enjoy your wealth, then why did you work so hard to accumulate it?

Most financial advisory firms focus only on the investment component of your financial life.  They omit key pillars such as your health, tax situation, estate and legacy wishes, and withdrawal planning.  I take a customized approach with each of my clients and focus on all of these things to ensure their entire financial life is in order.    

Family Wealth

I recently had a meeting with a family that really expanded on this.  Their main goal was to build “Family Wealth”.  This is more than the dollar and cents of their balance sheet – it is viewing everything through the lens of quality time with family and building lasting relationships through the generations.  All decisions are driven with this focus in mind.  In practice, this might mean spending extra money on a family retreat that brings the kids and grandkids closer together and build stronger bonds.  I help facilitate these conversations between generations.

Another recent client conversation clarifies this as well.  My client had a safari that was rescheduled a couple times due to COVID.   During that two year wait, her health took a hit with regards to physical stamina.  She was worried about being able to fully enjoy the trip due to exhaustion or the need to take constant breaks.  Unlike other financial advisors, I did the legwork to research and connect her with a personal trainer that works with people with similar health conditions.  She ended up working with the trainer a few months before her trip and was in much better shape to fully enjoy her safari.  She was very appreciative of the extra work put in and I was happy to see her get to fully enjoy her wealth.

Life & Financial Planning

These two examples give you a taste of what I mean by more life planning than financial planning.   And why I decided to launch my own firm.   I want to develop deep relationships with my clients and their families, so I can provide real value, above and beyond just rock solid investment management.  

Please reach out if you are interested in learning more how I can help you plan and make smart financial decisions to give you and your family peace of mind about the future.